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Who we are

The roots of the target area agency founded in 1999 in the Hanover region
VÖLKEL incoming – Travel & Destination Management – Reisen à la carte
are located in the fully licensed DER/IATA travel agency VÖLKEL as well as the privately run 4*-aparthotel RESIDENCIA. 


have been working together since 1994

She trained as a hotel specialist and sold the EXPO to BOSCH, and is the mother of two great daughters.
Motto: If you love your work and can always inspire yourself, it is also easy to get the spark of enthusiasm to jump over.
From the heart: I am an absolute family man, extremely curious, and love to communicate. With fervor about human history, submerged cultures and historical sites. And to stop, I just need to step outside to feel the beauty and diversity of nature with all my senses.

She has trained as a travel agent and is now familiar with 7 other commercial professions, in which she has trained 38 young people over the years and has inspired not only for the profession but also for life.
Motto: Thinking not in problems, but in solutions. The fact that something doesnt work excites me, thats why Im trying.
From my heart: I love people, life, nature and not to forget: music and culture.