GOP – Europe’s most traditional variety theatre


In the heart of Hanover, the GOP staged a variety for the here and now. Fascinating art in an atmospheric ambience and culinary delights are the guarantee for a very special experience!



Festivals and corporate events with WOW effect!

Whether it’s a conference, a wedding or a company anniversary…

The sum of perfectly staged details

Show, music, light, food, service and ambience are matched to the finest and merge into a roaring feast for all the senses.
Take a seat and let yourself be pampered for an entire evening, in a place where joy, wonder, taste and poetry await you!

Finally, palpitations, pleasures, feelings of happiness again. Surprise your employees and customers with a unique Christmas party in Europe’s most traditional variety theatre. At Christmas time, take the opportunity to say “thank you” with an unforgettable experience and to thank them for their commitment and loyalty over the past few months. With the winter show “Sailors”, the GOP celebrates an intoxicating night on shore and the theatre transforms itself into a very special harbour bar for an evening. Off the stage, enjoy the culinary highlights before the show in the restaurant Gondel or theateraal.

Whether with friends, family or colleagues and customers, the GOP Varieté Theatre offers the right setting. Enjoy breathtaking show highlights and winterly menu arrangements. The theatre offers a Christmas and stylish atmosphere.

Of course, the comprehensive safety and hygiene measures fully contribute to a carefree visit to the theatre!

Whether it’s 10 or 180 people – book the best seats in front of everyone else at the most coveted dates in winter time!

An intoxicating night on shore
28 October 2021 to 9 January 2022 in Hannover

A crappy harbor pub of days gone by. Outside: the moon, the night and the roaring sea. Inside: brave fishermen, daring sailors and beautiful dancers in search of small luck. An artistic-musical adventure of the maritime kind!

Playing time: approx. 90 minutes
Directed by Gabriel Drouin & Francis Gadbois
Produced by GOP showconcept – subject to change.

Magic of encounter

Want a drink? Or two? I’d love!

This bar can do more: miracles happen here. The WunderBar is a meeting place for daring artists and illusionists. With their skill, they create wonderful things. Here the bartender meets the Femme Fatale, the strong man meets the delicate dancer, and above all there is music and a voice with goose bumps potential. Artistic director Werner Buss, together with director Detlef Winterberg and co-director Ruth, makes Chelius’ wonders come true. For the WunderBar they have invited a handpicked, international ensemble – welcome!

Director: Detlef Winterberg
Co-directed by Ruth von Chelius
Lighting design: Andreas Hönig
Choreography: Aleksei Uvarov
Stage design: Sebastian Drozdz in collaboration with kohlhaas und partner GmbH & Co. KG
Playing time: approx. 90 minutes
Produced by GOP showconcept – subject to change.

Tickets for the show “WunderBar”, Showtime 15 July to 12 September 2021 at the GOP Varieté-Theater Hannover, are available as early as 35 euros, supplemented by a special menu at the GOP Restaurant Gondel as early as 52. 50 euros.